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We go forward.

omg this is sad



episode 9 was a gem.

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i find it quite interesting, that out of all Haru’s closest friends, Rin’s the only one who has opened eyes in this dream.
Also he doesn’t look creepy at all, i’d even say he looks amazing with this halo around him, that looks like wings. His eyes demanding, gaze intense. But he’s just too bright and Haru covers his eyes.
Does it mean that in Haru’s head Rin symbolizes future that calls him for decisions he’s too afraid and lost to make? And that’s why Rin is getting all of Haru’s pain when he breaks down, even if all that pressure wasn’t really coming from Rin in the first place.

"If you consider Haruka’s state of mind during that scene - while understanding nothing himself, don’t you think that Rin, who has his eyes set firmly on the future, might appeared to have been shining to him?"

The closed-eyes vs open-eyes is such a neat detail! I really think you’re onto something with the bolded; I couldn’t help but get the same feeling myself. Specially since he pictures Gou telling him that Rin is “waiting for him”. And another thing I find extremely interesting is how this compares to Rin’s S1 nightmare. In Rin’s nightmare, Haru turned and walked away and Rin had to chase. In this one though, Haru envisions Rin welcoming him; calling him forth. 

While Rin was scared of not being able to catch up to Haru, of being left behind - Haru is scared of what following Rin may entail. And it’s such an interesting contrast, imo!

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What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that, I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!

Don’t look.


do u ever just try to like hold everything in because you don’t wanna burden people with your problems and don’t want them to feel sorry for you but at the same time when no one can see that you’re depressed you just wanna yell to the world that you’re upset

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Hori Masayuki.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.


seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 

Haruka: *YELLING*
ED: Hey future fish!
breakdown // worries 
(s01e12/s02e09 parallels)


someone: I like Rin
me: I like Rin too
someone: but I didn’t like him until season 2

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whenever I reblog anything with hxh its like all my followers just crawl out from the dark and bomb me with notes…


my mom got that manga photo app and took the best picture ever

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